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Is the government buying up ammo or not?

March 14, 2013 in General Guns

From two sources today I heard an interesting thought. DHS isn’t really buying up all that ammo. What they are doing is contracting the ammo and requiring the manufacturer or dealer to hold the ammo in reserve for when DHS does call for it to be delivered. When the manufacturer or dealer gets close to the target amount DHS puts out a bid for more ammo.

The idea, both sources said, was to tie up ammo and keep it out of the hands of the public while not spending any money. Down the road the ammo could actually be used or released back for sale to the public.

I have to admit, the idea sounds like it makes sense. Whether DHS is taking possession of the ammo or not is another matter. It doesn’t explain all the calibers that are in short supply, but it does explain some of them.

As far as I am concerned the manufacturers and dealers involved in this need to make a decision – do they want to sell to the government and only the government or do they want to sell to the public, the gun community?

I for one will not support an ammo manufacturer that will willingly play these games with the feds. In the end manufacturers in the firearms industry need to decide who their bread and butter is. They may not like having to make that choice, but in the end they are going to have to make it.

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